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5aSec is a textile care industry founded in the 1960's in France and as of today, has a global presence in around 31 countries all around the world. They specialize in Dry Cleaning, Laundry, Roll Press, Steam Press & Alteration services. Their vision is to transition from the largest chain of dry cleaners to the most trusted and best dry cleaners in the world


sunSTRATEGIC is helped 5aSec achieve a global presence in the digital world by creating content that is visually appealing and relevant to the audiences for a daily needs consumption. The content created is in reference to retail that resonates with the audience and gives 5aSec a strong voice in the digital world as a Fabric Leader. sunSTRATEGIC exercised a two prong approach towards creating a digital awareness and engaging users in order to connect with brand loyalists. We began by creating awareness with our upcoming interactions and engaging with the audience through innovative activations. We designed website banners and print ads like newspaper ads, hoardings and flyers and also tabulate the daily response and created weekly reports of the online reputation of 5aSec. In India, the main objective was to acquire new customers and new business partners (franchisees) through digital push.


5aSec wants to make your life easier by providing you with innovative offers, high quality services with the handling of your household textiles.

By promoting professional growth and personal fulfillment, 5aSec employees are valued and motivated.

5aSec is aware of their responsibility towards the present & future generations and make sure to limit their impact on the environment by proactively developing eco-friendly technologies, as an alternative to traditional methods.


sunSTRATEGIC has given 5aSec a social makeover and it is reflected in the increased no. of engagement with the fans. Also, with the followers sharing our content on other social platforms, it gives the company a wider viewership. Our creative team came up with the posts, day in day out, by a collaborative effort between the content writers and the designers. We also kept constant watch over the management of the online reputation. We did this by checking on a daily basis, by studying their online performance on various social media platforms and tabulating the information to give 5aSec a professional statistical analysis.