“Some of the best things in life are mistakes”


Menarini is the Leading Italian Pharmaceutical Company in world. It was founded in Naples, Italy in the year 1886. It is present in over 100 countries around the world. The Group has been present in Central America since the early '80s and ranks among the top five companies in the market. For Menarini it is the quality of the drug that comes first, they have specific in-house control facilities to always keep its production and quality standards at the highest levels at all its sites worldwide. Papulex is a product under Menarini, an anti-acne solution that provides everyone the skin they deserve that is clear and free from blemishes. The invention has proven to keep its words as it is clinically proven to stop breakouts and pimples.


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Menarini desires to make your life easy by providing you with high quality products. Every day they put their values into action. Everyone deserves to have a clear, beautiful skin that's free of blemishes. Values have given life to Menarini and have shaped its history.


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