Outsourcing Your Social Media to a Startup for the Right Reasons
Posted on June 28, 2016
  • As your business starts growing up and you get swamped amidst a ton of paperwork, clientele calls, pitches, and tenders, social media changes hands from being easily manageable to a badgering call of duty which is enough to bring on the blues.
  • The thing is, you can't ignore the calls of this one as the power of social media has gone through the roofs. In an age in which entire businesses are catapulting to fame on the basis of their social media accounts only, it's the height of foolhardy to not propagate your company on the social media.
  • In person, we can meet up with a few people, who can spread it via 'word of mouth' to a few others. But when it comes to social media, we're talking of an age where a share by a well-connected person could signal a prospective client, a twitter follow by a local celeb could skyrocket your profile to highs previously unknown.
  • It makes sense to outsource your social media account to start-ups whose expertise lies in this particular areas. You don't have to worry about how to increase your followers, or likes or the posting of content which suits the tone of your business - all that will be done. There are many start ups springing all over which are experts in these.
  • Here's why you ought to as well:
    1. Focus on work priorities
      When you outsource your social media account to a start-up, you can rest assured that the company is going to be putting their best foot forward, as they make sure you ace the social media game. Meanwhile, the big business owners, rid of this responsibility can simply focus on perfecting their pitch, improving performances and getting more clients.
    2. Ensure great content for your accounts
      Content through Slide Share Presentations, Blog Posts, Guest Blog Articles, Infographics, Press Releases through Digital personas on Facebook, LinkedIn and other publications managed by a professional agency (like sunSTRATEGIC! ), which understands the personality of the company, increasing outreach and blending the voice of innovation while ensuring that your own voice is reflected, are sure to launch you on a global digital platform as a force to be reckoned with.
    3. Great creatives
      Start-ups have talented graphic designers who ensure connectivity with the audience by creating interesting gifs and pictures which keep them engaged. The key to an interactive customer base is relevant content, supported by fantastic imagery.
    4. More clients
      A link at end of blogs, or subtle promotional messages interspersed by great content, ensure more clients for the company. What more could one want?
    5. Sponsors and investors
      Pitch your company to sponsors and investors and the first thing they ask you is the number of likes on your facebook page or the number of twitter followers. Outsourcing your social media account keeps the social media in toe with the acceptable social media followers.
    6. Accountability
      Any social media agency or consultant worth their salt are very specific in their social media services like the number of posts to be done in a week, the hike in followers and likes, content type etc. Also, outsourcing your digital accounts ensures there's someone who'd own responsibility rather than just helplessly watch the numbers decline or stay stuck at a nondescript number.
  • Interested?
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  • You are your brand. We, at sunSTRATEGIC give you an identity. If you are interested in building your Digital Tool Kit, Digital PR, Digital Branding, Digital Advertising, Social Media Management, Content for your brand or training your staff with Digital skills, we would be happy to help.
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