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    • Financial Services

      Bajaj Finserv is the financial services company of the Bajaj , which currently deals in business of Lending, Insurance and Wealth Advisory. Learn more about how sunSTRATEGIC facilitated Bajaj Finserv with the right tools to rank high in the digital world.


      Menarini is a Leading Italian Pharmaceutical Company and their product Papulex is an anti-acne solution that provides skin that is clear and free from blemishes. Learn more about how sunSTRATEGIC helped Menarina become a signature brand in the digital world.

      Consumer Services

      5aSec is a textile care industry that wants to make your life easier by providing you with innovative offers, high quality services for your household textiles. Read on to know more about how sunSTRATEGIC helped 5aSec achieve a global presence in the digital world and mark their place in India.

      Travel & Transport

      Taxi for Sure is a taxi booking portal that ensures customers get an easily accessible, safe & reliable taxi ride. Learn more about how sunSTRATEGIC put together a campaign that revitalized the brand image.

      Media & Entertainment

      Cineyug Celebrations is a wedding planning agency that specializes in helping every individual with the dream wedding they aspire to have. Know more about how sunSTRATEGIC helped them reach out to a wider audience and displayed their work in a customized manner in the digital world.