“ There is no such thing as Bad Publicity except your own Obituary ”

If I were down to my last Dollar,

I would spend it on PR (Digital).

-Bill Gates

Digital PR is all about combining Traditional PR with Content Marketing, Digital Outreach, Social Media and Search. sunSTRATEGIC provides Digital PR Strategy, Digital PR Campaigns and Digital PR Interactions as well as Guest Appearances as part of our services.

If you are a CXO or a Leader and would like to become an online INFLUENCER, then content marketing through Slide Share Presentations, Blog Posts, Guest Blog Articles, Infographics, Press Releases through your Digital personas on Facebook, LinkedIn and other publications managed by a professional agency like sunSTRATEGIC will launch you on a global digital platform with a well thought out and structured digital PR CAMPAIGN.

We understand your personality, your experiences and the message you want to convey to your community and create content that provides value to your followers, increases your outreach and perfectly reflects your voice and tone on a digital platform.

Traditional PR doesn't allow for holistic outreach. Whereas Digital PR is a mix of content marketing, search engine optimization, social media customer service and most importantly, THOUGHT LEADERSHIP.

sunSTRATEGIC has successfully represented top leaders in India and the United States as well as written over 4,000 articles for some major known leaders as well as ghost written white papers that are in circulation on digital platforms. Our Digital PR Strategists have more than 12 years experience in various corporate domains and have graduated from some of the finest universities across the world.

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