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    Our call monitoring service is an ideal solution to boost your customer retention and conversion rates.

    So let's have a look at how our core monitoring service will benefit your business.

    improve your sales team productivity

    boost sales

    enhance your sales team performance

    Gather Data

    Do You want to know which method we used to accomplish success for your business.

    Once the staff receives a call from the customer, immediately call recording system starts recording of the call till the phone gets disconnected.
    The Recording call appears n our agents tool.
    Once the agent receives the recorded call on the dashboard, they start listening to calls carefully.
    They start jotting down customer details, requests and queries.
    After Analyzing all the details, our agent send call details to your sales or service bucket for further procedure

    This way we help you to attract your niche audience and resolve problems of your existing customer with ease. Also, with our core monitoring service, we ensure that your sales results will improve, you'll get quality leads and your business will rank high in the industry.

    Do you wanna know the perks of availing alcohol monitoring services?

    We Can

    Enhance Customer Service experience
    Boost your sales result
    Evaluate your call center quality
    Train your existing team members
    coach new agents for you transcript calls
    So if you are a call centre manager, marketing manager or sales and customer support service providing brand of business from e-commerce, Fintech, Medtech, Hospitality, retail, FMCG sector. Our call monitoring services are just tailor made for you so that you can acquire your brand goals efficiently.

    How does sunSTRATEGIC handle call monitoring?

    Our call center handles the call monitoring process by using a combination of automated monitoring systems and manual monitoring by operators. Calls are selected for monitoring within a very quick turn around time (60 seconds), the operators listen to the call and mark them as priority levels along with the transcription of the call and supervisors evaluate them for quality assurance. Feedback is provided to agents based on the monitored calls, and performance data is used to improve customer service. Additionally, coaching and training is provided based on the findings of the call monitoring process.

    What are the performance metrics used for call monitoring?

    The performance metrics used for call monitoring typically include
    Call Quality
    Adherence script or quidelines
    Average Handling time
    First Resolution
    Customer Satisfaction scores
    Call Transfer rates
    adherence to compliance regulations
    These metrics help to assess the effectiveness of customer interactions and the overall quality of service provided by call center agents.

    What call monitoring systems are used at your call center?

    At our call center, we use a variety of American and India based call monitoring systems to ensure quality and compliance. These systems include voice and screen recording software, speech analytics tools, quality management platforms, and real-time call monitoring systems. These technologies work together to capture, analyze, and evaluate customer interactions, enabling us to monitor and improve agent performance and customer experience. The systems we use can be provided by the client or according to the budget provided by the client.

    How can call monitoring be used to enhance sales and profits?

    Call monitoring can be leveraged to enhance sales and profits in several ways:
    By harnessing call monitoring to optimize sales strategies, refine sales processes, and enhance customer interactions, businesses can drive improved sales performance and ultimately increase profitability.

    What are the key insights from the customer conversations that we can use to refine our sales strategies?

    With Call Monitoring at sunSTRATEGIC, key insights from customer conversations that can be used to refine sales strategies include:
    1. Customer Pain Points: Understanding the challenges and issues customers express during conversations can help tailor sales strategies to address specific pain points and offer relevant solutions.
    2. Purchase Intent: Analyzing customer conversations can reveal signals of purchase intent, enabling sales teams to capitalize on these opportunities and provide tailored offerings.
    3. Objection Handling: Identifying common objections raised by customers helps refine sales strategies by developing effective responses and addressing concerns proactively.
    4. Customer Preferences: Insights into customer preferences, needs, and expectations obtained from conversations allow sales strategies to be aligned with customer preferences, resulting in more compelling offerings.
    5. Competitive Analysis: Customer conversations may include mentions of competitors or comparison with alternative solutions, providing valuable competitive insights to inform sales strategies.
    By mining customer conversations for these insights, our clients have aligned their sales strategies more closely with customer expectations, resulting in more effective and targeted sales approaches. Some clients who have succeeded are:

    What are the best features of your call monitoring division?

    sunSTRATEGIC offers 4 advanced call monitoring features-
    1. Double-listening and real-time monitoring from a distance.
    2. Whispering and AI-integrated support with on the spot script support.
    3. Call barging and passing context.
    4. Call recording and automatic summary.
    Our call center has agents engaged in active customer interactions, while call monitoring software provides real-time monitoring and support.