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    23 January, 2024
    Mumbai, India
    Re: Transformation for your business


    Welcome to sunSTRATEGIC. We are your new friend in linking Digital Engagement, Creative Strategies, Global Audiences and your Brand Value. We’re human and we love people. We don’t do things ‘to’ companies, we do it with them and with a lot of love. We bring rich content which is thought provoking. With constant research on tying in Productivity, Customer Satisfaction and Shareholder return all together, we are a knowledge bank of TRENDS, NEWEST TECHNOLOGIES AND SMART DIGITAL STRATEGIES. We are only interested in getting results and we are constantly challenging our clients. After all, one size never fits all.

    We would like to extend you a warm welcome to the world of the most innovative, forward-thinking, disruptive company that approaches traditional challenges in an unconventional way.

    Whether you are in Asia, Middle East or North America, come challenge us with a question that is plaguing your business… and let us challenge you some!

    Looking forward,

    Sherina Kapany
    Founder (and your ally)
    The fresh face of transformation
    +91 98333 66 550 (India)

    P.S. Scroll to dive into our Case Studies for a visual treat, infused with a magical user experience and feel our passion