Have you been feeling drained out and stressed lately? Does your job take away all your energy? If yes, then you certainly need to start baking. Baking has been proven to be calming and therapeutic. Psychologists also say that baking is the activity to do when you feel low. It instantly brightens up your mood and makes you feel better. Baking is a very personal process that is said to have healing properties. Just simply baking a muffin will give you an enriching experience. 

Baking is a step-by-step process and with each proceeding step you get one bit closer to a calm and peaceful state of mind. Each passing step feels like a milestone accomplished. Say, for instance, you are baking a cake. The entire process from start to end will provide you with an elevating experience. 

The beginning:

What is the first step to baking? Pre-heating your appliances. This step will start your calming process and take you on an eventful journey. Like you start your appliances before baking, in the same you need a push to start any process. 

Gathering all the ingredients:

As and when you start gathering ingredients one-by-one, you let go off your stress and feel one step ahead in the calming process. 

Mixing the ingredients:

You mix wet and dry ingredients when you bake. The texture has to be just right and your measurements have to be correct. All this mixing is sure to boost up your energy and will instantly brighten up your mood. When you mix ingredients, things are in your control and you are aware of what you are doing. In the same way, your stress will also come under control and it will take you one step further in the process. 

Putting your cake into the oven:

The last step in the process of baking is putting the cake into your oven. In the same way, in real life too, you put all your stress aside. As and when the cake rises, your calmness rises too. The fresh smell of the cake will enhance your senses and will keep you at peace. 

The wait:

Before taking out any cake from the oven you have to wait. In the same way, the calming process is not immediate. It takes time. You have to be patient with yourself and take a pause. It will definitely work in your favor. 

Now that the baking process is complete, devourer the cake and your calmness too!