How Social Media Is Affecting our Social Lives and Self-Images

Technology is advancing at such a fast pace, and we are growing closer to each other on a global level. Unfortunately, we are distancing ourselves from who we are, and what we are. Sounds strange, right? But it is true.

We have become exceedingly dependent on technology. This is the day and age of social media and it is impacting us massively. Do you remember the last time you met your friends without needing to validate the meet-up via social media?

There is an entrapment we feel in the world of social media to the point that if we don’t get enough approval for a post (for example) we are prepared to delete the post. If a thumbs up or a thumbs down symbol has the power to control your emotions and play with your self-esteem, isn’t that slightly alarming? Who gave it that much power? Why do human beings as a race have to be insecure?

We must not let social media control us in any way, as it will not only affect us in a negative way but also affect our mental makeup.

A word of praise nor a word of criticism should define us, nor do we need to give it enough power to affect our self-esteem. It takes a lot of courage to express ourselves out on a social media platform and letting that courage go downhill just because of a contradicting opinion or a non-flattering comment is painful.

Social media is an incredible source through which you can connect to people, but connecting to people shouldn’t distance you from yourself. You are you, and that’s the most important thing in the world. A good thought to ponder upon

“You are a unique individual and there is no one like you”

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