When you work in a company, it is impossible for you to get along with everyone. There are people who match your wavelength, with whom you share your opinions and thoughts while there are some with whom you cannot. It is natural, as companionships and friendships cannot be forced. But being professional is something that is extremely necessary and also requires some effort. When a group of people with different voices and opinions clash, it is natural for a conflict to take place but is also natural for it to be solved if both the sides put in a little effort.

One of the things that really matter at a time like this is to listen. Allow the other person to put his/her thoughts forward, no matter how different it is from yours. Listening can solve a lot of issues. One of the major reasons for conflict is also overlapping of thoughts and actions. No one can control a conflict, but surely can solve it by listening and understanding the other person’s point of view.

Put your points forward, but politely. Professionalism shows at times like these. Even if you dislike the person in front of view, be respectful and polite. One can keep their points forward and convince them all by being soft-spoken. It makes the others feel at ease and comfort and they will even try to understand what you are saying. If you are loud and disrespectful, the conflict will never end. 

Try to find a middle point of agreement. Nothing in the world works without a little compromise. Take some of your ideas and take some from others and try to find something that both of you can agree on. Being rigid will never work. Try to look at the positive side and try to come out of the disagreement, this will not just solve the conflict but will also help to widen your horizon and will help you look from a fresh perspective which is always nice.

Be quick to apologize of you used an inappropriate and unprofessional tone or said something rude. It will only make you a bigger and better person, as there is no shame in apologizing and saying sorry. Similarly, be quick to forgive if someone behaved inappropriately in the heat of the moment and do not hold grudges as you are co-workers at the end of the day. 

It doesn’t take much time for discussions to convert into heated arguments causing conflicts, but it takes time to mend it. Working in a professional environment requires a lot of patience and professionalism and that is something that one needs to work on.