All companies starting from small businesses, start-ups, SMEs, and even multi-national institutions benefit from hiring interns and part-timers. If your organization lacks the financial resources to hire a seasoned professional or is not in the need of a full-time member, hiring an intern or a part-time employee can bring an array of benefits.

What employers of today are starting to realize is that part-time employees represent an unexplored resource of tremendously experienced professionals. A lot of professionals take extended voluntary breaks in their careers due to various personal reasons and part-time working provides them a bridge back into employment. By actively hiring part-time workers, start-ups and SMEs can captivate a more diverse workforce. Part-time staff also makes a business more agile as a company can employ workers outside the conventional 9 – 5 working hours.

Starting an internship program in your company has several benefits too. It is well known that the top talents look to work for notable brands. Providing a well-structured internship program that offers real experience and mentoring opportunities along with hands-on training can benefit your company immensely. It will make way for better brand recognition and awareness. Hiring interns gives opportunities to students and recent graduates that in turn benefits the local economy along with the social acceptance of your brand. Moreover, it is more likely that interns will blend in with the work culture of your company better than an experienced full-timer.

In many companies, some employees are over-worked and over-stretched. It affects the well-being of the employees, their productivity, and the company as a whole. A fresh batch of part-timers and interns can be a great move to support the over-worked employees whilst increasing employee retention and engagement.