The positive Google reviews from clients help your brand for acquiring more customers with its good reputation. With positive reviews, the chances of getting a lead for your brand increases. The better Google reviews help to elevate the SEO rankings and improve the brand image. So, let’s find out How to get better Google reviews from your clients?

Excellent Product and Service

In the first place, you should offer excellent quality products and services that meet your client’s expectations and needs. The flawless product and service always helps to retain customers and attract new leads. 

Understand Google Policies

You should go through Google’s Terms and Conditions when requesting reviews. This includes that you should not offer any rewards for posting bad or good reviews. 

Set-up Google Business Verified Profile 

Create a listing on Google maps to set-up a Business profile. Also, verify ownership of your Business Profile by linking it with your Google My Business account. 

Add Google Review Link on Your Website

Create a Google review link and add it as a shortcut to your website. Guide your visitors to your review page using Feedback Forms.  Also, you can add reviews to your testimonials to attract more leads. 

Google Review CTA in Your Footer

You can also add a call to action button at the footer instead of creating a complete page designated to google reviews. 

Google Review Email Campaign

Email marketing is one of the effective ways to gather reviews from your customers. As long as, you’re offering them a good product and service, your happy customers won’t hesitate to reply you back. 

Respond to Google Reviews

Responding to your customer’s reviews shows that how much you care for your customers’. By reading and responding to your customers’ reviews, you get to know about their point of view. You can also promptly assess and solve your customer’s problem by using Google reviews. 

This way you can gather better Google reviews for your company and generate more leads.