Conflicts are a part of life, they are inevitable. Family, friends, strangers, lovers you can have a conflict with anyone and colleagues are no exception. The thing about workplace conflict is that it is a formal and professional environment and you need to know your limits. After all, you have to work with them even after arguments. 

No matter how well-behaved or friendly you are or how amazing your workplace is, you tend to have a conflict with your colleagues about some or the other topic.  It is essential to develop conflict resolution abilities because concealed, avoided or otherwise ignored, conflicts are unavoidable. 

Some tips on how to handle conflicts in the workplace:

  • Communicate: Talk it out. Some conflicts can be easily resolved by just going back after cooling down and talking calmly or apologizing if you are wrong. 
  •  Listen: Listen carefully before reacting to what the other person is saying. Avoid interrupting; if someone interrupts you politely ask them to let you finish. 
  • Ask: Ask questions to clarify your doubts rather than assuming. Ask them to rephrase if you didn’t understand.
  • Assess: Identify the points of agreements or disagreements and ask the other person their opinion. Assess how you can come to a conclusion where it is a win-win for both the parties and benefits the organization.
  • Define: A code of conduct needs to be clearly outlined. Define acceptable and unacceptable behavior explicitly, create a framework for decision making, delegate authority statement and specify chain of command.

Doing the right thing and leaving your ego aside is pivotal if you genuinely want to resolve a conflict with anyone. Both the parties involved should be able to compromise, forgive, have compassion, empathy and find common ground.