A lot of managers of a business head in different directions whenever they encounter conflicts in their workplace. Conflicts, healthy or not, deserve your attention.

A conflict that is healthy occurs because of differences of opinions on what or how tasks should be done. It can be effectively leveraged for short or long term gain. On the other hand, unhealthy conflicts are the ones that get personal. These types of conflicts should be done away with as soon as possible as it heavily threatens a flourishing and warm workforce. There are several ways in which one can ensure effective dealing when conflicts arise.


When a manager takes a collaborative approach, they work with the people involved in the conflict to deliver a win-win situation. They focus on bargaining and finding a solution that meets everyone’s needs.


When taking a compromising approach, each person gives up one of their wants in order to contribute towards conflict resolution. This style can be implemented when deciding by resolving the conflict is more important than having an individual win.


In this approach, the person who takes the most resistant stand gets to take the decision. This style of resolving conflict is well suited when a decision needs to be made quickly. It is an aggressive style and may leave people feeling sensitive about the issue.


It is one of the most passive methods of conflict resolution. This style is not very effective as one of the parties needs to give in so that the other can get what they want. But it may be appropriate in situations when maintaining the bond is of more significance than winning and when the issue at hand is of supreme importance to one of the parties.