Spoken language today is the most widely used form of communication. People speak multiple languages and these languages come with their own phrases, nuances and adverbs. This not only adds to our word bank, but also opens the doors for getting to know different things and cultures. While speaking, we also make use of different phrases and idioms. This just adds to the beauty of these languages. But do you realize that sometimes we mix two proverbs or sayings. It can be intentional or a simple slip of tongue. 

Well, this has a legit term. Many of us might not be aware of it but blending two phrases is referred to as Malaphors. Now, what are Malaphors exactly? 

A Malaphor in literal terms is an informal term used for a mixture of two aphorisms, idioms or cliches. It is also known as an “idiom blend.” The end reason doesn’t necessarily have to mean any of the two things from the phrases and it could be something completely different. Malaphors are also termed as linguistic blunders at times. 

Here are some examples of Malaphors spoken at different points in life:

‘It popped eyebrows’

This malaphor was used on CNN for addressing a very controversial topic. Made by mixing ‘raising eyebrows’ and the ‘popping of eyes.’

‘Let’s get our ducks on the same page’

This malaphor was made by mixing ‘let’s get our ducks out’ and ‘let’s be on the same page.’

‘We are breaking the air’

This malaphor is a mash-up of ‘clearing the air’ and ‘breaking the ice.’

‘It’s finally sinking through’

This was used by Mr. Donald Trump and it is a malaphor made by using ‘sinking in’ and ‘getting through.’

There are many more malaphors of suck kinds that have been made by people or have just accidentally been made!