With more than 1 billion downloads, Instagram has become one of the most downloaded apps on the Play Store. It is popular among youth and has made many social media influencers famous. Of course, this has enabled young entrepreneurs and business people to promote their brand and services. Those who have played their cards right, have millions of users following them, which in return helps with brand promotion and marketing. 

If you have started to think that digital marketing is a need for an hour then Instagram is the best option for you to start. The problem is not everyone is tech-savvy and knows how to promote the brand. This blog article is written for you so that you can understand some techniques on how to make your social media handle popular.

  • The game of hashtags

The plus point of adding hashtags to your post is that each of your posts will have a chance to reach the specific category of the hashtag you have placed. For example, if you put a hashtag of love in your post, it has a chance to reach millions as many other users have used this hashtag quite a lot. This algorithm always helps you to reach millions if you play your cards right. 

  • Insta stories to gain glories

Many users click on the Insta stories rather than seeing the post. This method helps you gain engagement on your account and have chances for gaining followers. Each Insta story can be customized as per your preference, which is the plus point.

  • Eye-catching content

Whatever pleases the eye tends to please the heart. You may have to hire an expert graphic designer who will make your every post look attractive. Posts with high-quality content always stand out from others and have the potential to go viral.