WHO, also known as the World Health Organisation, has pointed out that mental health is the biggest challenge of the 21st century. We must explore why mental health has become such a significant hazard. You will come across so many reasons that try to explain why people’s mental health is declining day by day. One of the most eminent reasons can be the lifestyle of people. We live in a culture or value system set by those who are bound to make us more depressed than happy.

Cutting to the chase, one must take an interest in spiritual practices to better mental health. This article will put forward some practices you should add to your life to make yourself a better person. 

  • Meditation

Let us clarify that meditation is not just about concentrating on a certain object or void but taking one’s consciousness to a higher level of reality. Meditation won’t work if one is not interested or doing it just for the sake of some relief. One has to be trained under an expert or sincere to practice it daily. 

  • Introspection

Much of our anxiety begins in our mind. If we train our mind to think positively, then no negative thoughts will affect our mental health. Introspection is such a tool to direct our thoughts toward positivity and self-love. This practice allows us to have a clear perception of our life and differentiate between good and bad for us. 

  • Positive mindset

We must understand that our problems are not bigger than our life. Problems are like a season; they will come and go. If you get stuck in a particular situation, we must remember it will not last forever. The nature of this world is everything is temporary, even your problems. Therefore, having a positive mindset always impacts your mental health.