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The Loss of An Association With Your Client

Every client, big or small, values their money. They have earned it with a lot of effort. Let’s just assume that your client is a huge conglomerate, do you as an entrepreneur feel he will overlook irresponsible spends? On the contrary it is those bigger clients who are most likely to be super sensitive to wastage.

The point is not about big or small clients. The size hardly matters when the effort you put in is exactly the same. Let’s say you choose to lend your name to your client, surely you must consider if they will be able to see how much you value their money. Will your client be able to see the degree of your level of involvement matches theirs? What makes a client happy? Your effort, the money he saves, the end results, or the trust factor you work to earn?

“Before valuing a customer or the work they send your way, I feel it is very important to value their money. After all business is not personal. But it is your job as an entrepreneur to make it personal – at least as far as their money is concerned!” When your client cannot afford your services or when he/she haggles with you, it’s human tendency to lose interest in that particular work charter because you tend to value your work, your time, your efforts way more than the client’s name, their requirements and the benefits your association with that particular client brings to you. It is natural. I get it. HOWEVER, what does you valuing yourself bring you? The answer is zero. You gain a big fat zero and loose a potential long lasting loyal client. And that is a huge loss.

The loss I speak of is both financial and time invested in building up the bid. However there is another type of loss associated with de-valuing an underpaying client – the loss of association. Association is everything you see. It is your association with your current clients that bring you continued business and recognition. It is your association with industry that brings you good talent. It is your association with people that makes you recognizable. And it is your choice of NOT associating with a client unable to afford you that ultimately creates a distinction between you and those companies who gain work based on their vision and ability to work through tough budgets.

I say bring on that client who seems unwilling to invest in you. Do a great job and knock his socks off. Let him sing your praises. There isn’t any better marketing than a purely joyful and blessed-out-of-his-mind client who expected peanuts for peanuts but got gold instead. After all, a genuine testimonial is far better than scripted advertisements and I guarantee you that the money you didn’t get paid actually will start to bring in exponentials of it. So, what will it be for you today? Customer first or #GamesPeoplePlay.

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