The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown us all under a huge curve ball. The year 2020 has not only changed the dynamics of how businesses use to operate, but also has created a huge impact on productivity levels and work schedules. In such times, it has become difficult for employers and leaders to keep their geographically dispersed virtual teams highly motivated and emotionally connected. Following are the key tips to effectively manage your virtual teams:

  1. Communication is the key – it helps to keep employees connected to their employers, colleagues, and clients despite their geographical distance.
  2. Create a virtual community and encourage your employees to be a part of it. It helps to bridge the gap between the team members so that employees won’t have to feel being left out or disconnected.
  3. Provide your employees with resources that can boost their motivation to work. It may include compensating for their internet cost, travel expenses, maintenance expenditure, or other allowances. You can also send out some gift hampers or other perks and benefits to your employees to make them feel good at work.

Like many other companies, sunSTRATEGIC is also functioning virtually. So, if you need to know more about managing your teams online, connect with the most trusted digital marketing agency in India and we’ll be happy to help you.