Gone are those days when medication could only be practiced in ashrams or with professional guidance. Because of the ever-growing technology, thanks to the top creative agency in India, meditation is not bounded anymore. There are so many incredible applications available that help one practice meditation and teaches everything from scratch. We do lead a hectic life, which is why freedom from that pressure is necessary. If our body needs a day off, our mind needs the same. Mediation is the perfect way to indulge in some relaxation and calmness that both, our mind and muscles require. Thanks to all these incredible apps, you can practice meditation in the luxury of your own homes. 

Declutter The Mind: This application is free of cost, as it believes meditation is a necessity and its benefits must be availed by everyone. It offers incredible guidance for both, beginners as well as experienced people.

Calm: This app provides just what its name suggests, calmness. This app is beautifully and aesthetically designed so that you can feel at complete ease even while you are using a technical device. It has various soothing sounds, that will help your mind relax and focus more.

Muse: This app is extremely unique and interesting, apart from proper meditation guidance it also provides brain sensing headband. It helps you understand whether your brain is busy or calm which is such an amazing feature.

10% Happier: This is one of the most popular meditation apps available, as it has a large library that has various guided courses of meditation that will help you relax and be less anxious. It allows you to set a specific time, as you want to begin the session, which comes off as such an advantage.

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