Mobiles and advertisements, these are the two most integral and unending parts of our lives today. Without the two we cannot even move to get a simple purchase done. Nowadays, mobiles and advertisements go hand-in-hand. One is incomplete without the other. Also, the extensive used of mobile phones have made it mandatory for advertisers to promote their products on. 

Mobile phone advertisements are short, simple and straight to the point. They can be a full-length video or just a simple pop-up. It is also important that advertisers choose the correct platforms for different ads. Like, you cannot advertise about a beauty product on an E-learning platform. It’s irrelevant! While mobile apps give us a wide scope to advertise, it is important that we use them correctly. 

Here are a few mobile apps that are best for advertising on:


Instagram today, is being extensively used for advertising. You have the option of promoting and advertising stuff in the form sponsored posts or you can also collaborate with influencers and creators and their widespread reach can help you advertise better. Instagram also gives the option of adding a “store” feature, wherein you can plug in your products with ease. 


This is the one mobile app that has emerged to be very helpful for advertisers. This is because most of us still don’t have the “Premium” version of YouTube. So, we have to inevitably watch ads there. We have ads playing before the start of any video or in between them. One benefit of YouTube is that you can show ads that are relevant or matching to the video. For instance, you can promote beauty products on a makeup tutorial easily. 

E-commerce apps:

E-commerce apps like Myntra and Ajio are also great platforms to advertise on. You can run a small pop-up on these apps and their wide reach is also helpful. The activity on these apps is great and you can at least get views, if not more. 

E-learning apps:

Today, the world has digitized and E-learning apps have flourished more than anything else. Apps like Byjus, WhiteHat Jr. and many others have become a staple for students. Here, you can advertise products that are relevant to this age group. For instance, advertising notebooks and stationery on these apps can be very helpful. 

These apps today are the best to advertise on have each of them have their own benefits. Choose what suits you best and always keep the target audience in mind!