It’s important to have friends at the workplace, they act as a morning refreshment when their partner doesn’t feel like working. Most of the employers think that it cuts into the work, but the fact is, having a friend at the workplace helps us cope with the workload. One will stay at work only if they enjoy working there and have a companion to share the whole experience with.

According to research 

70% of employees say that having friends at the workplace is an important element of working life.”

74% of women and 58% men would refuse a higher-paying job if it meant not getting along with co-workers.”

50% of employees with a best friend at the workplace reported that they feel a strong connection with the company.”

3 Important factors of having friends and workplace.

Reduces loneliness and increases productivity

The feeling of loneliness will demotivate the employee and one might feel disconnected from the work and their co-workers. It is proven that having a friend at the workplace will increase employee satisfaction by up to 50%.

Passion for work

One will feel motivated to do work when they have a friend to discuss with. Then it’s not just a list of work to get through, and it also motivates them to perform well together.

Support system and a feeling of belonging

It’s great to turn your colleagues into friends because people spend more time in the workplace than at home. The important thing about having a friend is they support us and push us ahead on days when we don’t feel like working. One has someone to share the stress with and lessen their burden to help them get through the day.Mentioned above are the benefits of having a friend at the workplace that will make you “laugh a little harder, stress a little less, and encourage you to work a lot more.”