Want to be the best social media marketing agency in India? Then you have to up your game. Social media is a vast space and things keep changing every day. One has to keep up with the trends to stay relevant. 

Videos play a major role in social media marketing. Adding videos to your campaign will add to its beauty. They are also an interactive way to captivate the audience. Here are some tips, from the top social media agency in India, on the different types of videos you should add to your campaign:


Live videos are the way to go if you want to grab the attention of your audiences. A bonus is that these videos are interactive and help you connect to your audience.


These videos are informative and you can use them to give people an in-depth view of your product or service. Moreover, these are the most shared videos on social media. 


Making informative videos on any trending topic will help increase your reach. These videos will keep audiences informed and they will also interact with your page in the form of likes and comments. 


These videos are peppy and fun as audiences like knowing what goes on behind the scenes. Moreover, these videos build trust as you come out clean to your audience. 


These kinds of videos are getting very popular nowadays. Here, audiences make short videos for the brand using a certain hashtag or a trending topic. This builds interest and gives rise to communication. 

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