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6 Signs Your Agency Is Cheating On You

A good digital marketing agency should be constantly working towards the growth of your brand and making it more public. It should be able to strike a chord with all the end users. Simple? But, not so simple. It is true that all the top digital marketing agencies have a history of failures but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad at their jobs. There is certainly a difference between trying and failing and not trying at all. As a Digital Marketer, (and a recent award recipient from Femina), I can safely say:

If your digital marketing agency is not giving you any results there is a high chance that they are cheating you.

Read on to know if your agency is actually cheating on you. It’s time to meet the demons of digital marketing:

They are keeping you in the dark:

If you have just hired an agency for SEO and are not getting any results right away, don’t panic because rise in SEO rankings take time. But if you have hired your agency for quite some time now and they’ve kept you in the dark throughout the process then it’s a sign that your agency is cheating on you. As part of the SEO efforts, the agency should be asking for ownership credentials to your site and hence to work or proceed on anything they will constantly require your help.

Showing numbers that make you feel good:

If your marketing agency is showing you numbers that make you feel good but they’ve nothing to show up for it then you should probably find another agency. The numbers include web traffic, impressions for ads, likes or followers. Remember increased visibility doesn’t necessarily translate into increased business. Ask your agency to focus on conversion metrics (where the end user genuinely wants to use your service and contacts you immediately). Ask them for results. Actions that lead to sales help you and your agency focus on the people who are actually interested.

One-Size-Fits-All service plans:

The top marketing companies know that ‘one-size-fits-all’ policy never works. Different companies have different needs. After all, every business is different.

If your marketing agency is pushing you for the same plan that they have used for other clients then maybe it’s time you look into other marketing agencies.

Your agency is reactive, not proactive:

Your agency should be willing to grab every opportunity that comes their way. If your agency is waiting around for things to happen, you are only losing out on business. If you are not getting any returns from hiring a marketing agency then your money is better down the drain than in someone’s pocket.

They don’t include you in the process:

At the end of the day your business is yours. Your marketing agency might be an expert at marketing but you know the insides of your business better than anyone else. You and your agency should work together as you both have a common goal. If they are constantly keeping you out of the loop about everything, start looking for new marketing agency NOW!

Your digital marketing agency doesn’t know digital:

Digital Marketing is on the rise right now and every business owner, big or small, knows social media is the place to be on. If your digital marketing agency doesn’t know anything about the digital world and if they are constantly shoving the age old print, TV and radio advertisements strategy down your throats get out of that contract now.

We’re not saying that advertisement types are not legit anymore, but social media just has a greater impact these days when it comes to garnering attention from customers.

With all that has been said, a good digital marketing agency should also provide you with good content for your business. Content is ‘king’ and lousy content will fail to gather attention from your customers.

Your digital marketing agency should consider your business as their business and work to make it better.

Brand building is the most important aspect of any business. We, at sun STRATEGIC, acknowledge this wholeheartedly! You are your brand. We give you an identity. If you are interested in building your Digital Tool Kit, Digital PR, Digital Branding, Digital Advertising, Social Media Management, Content for your brand or training your staff with Digital skills, we would be happy to help and collaborate.

Our values drive our business. Simple as that.

sun STRATEGIC specializes in providing content, digital solutions and social media marketing for BSFI / Finance / Travel / Pharma / Retail companies among other industries. Some of our clients include Bajaj FinServ, Airtel, Soulfower India, Perigrow Accounting, Home Stays and more. We are a digital marketing agency based in Mumbai serving clients in India, UAE and USA. We promise market response, not magic. We produce content, creatives, animations, comics and cartoons, and look into serious digital marketing. Our content generates consumer data patterns to help our client’s better serve consumers.


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