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“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”-Aristotle.

It is important to feel happy and content in everyday life with whatever path one has chosen. So, selecting a job or career must only make us proud! Make a call based on choosing a career and also what makes one satisfied and worth all the hard work and sacrifice. However, to understand if a job or a career is the right fit, it mainly depends on one’s stage of life.

We are always reminded of how important it is to have a stable income to run our lives. Nonetheless, somewhere between choosing the right course to study and searching for the right job, makes one overlook their ‘inner calling’. Most people settle for a job and ignore their passion.

At an earlier stage of life, referring to a place of employment is known as a job where one works and in exchange gets a pay check. For being eligible for a job, it is necessary that one has basic education. A job may become a necessity to pay one’s bills, learn work skill sets, and earn and spend money. To some it is tiresome, and not motivating enough, and to others, it can be educational, uplifting and rewarding. From an employee’s point of view, the practice of shifting between organisations or jobs from time to time helps in seeking greater employment opportunities, increasing exposure, and a higher salary.

Some people have jobs paying lucratively, but stress is what they carry back home along with a minimum digit pay check. There are others who live in a middle-class environment but come home with a smile and eagerness to pick up their work from where they left it. This enthusiasm and motivation will only come with the sense of satisfaction and happiness in one’s work which is given to them.

Whereas careers begin with an education, and having a career means building on advancing one’s skills and knowledge in a particular job. People who set out to make a career, set goals to get the job done, also to learn valuable skills, to build a professional network and gain experiences.

A career is about setting long-term commitments but also encourages one to take risks, which are internal and therefore planned. Interests and pragmatism do not walk hand-in-hand. It takes time, effort, and luck to work towards a particular chosen career.

The debate between following your heart and being practical or going by salary prospects is never ending. So learn to balance a passion and a job until your passion becomes your job!

Hence, I would like to conclude by saying that on one hand where there are high paying jobs which will land you in stressful situations on the other, you have the choice to quit that job or look for a job which will give you satisfaction and is fun. I believe that the doorway to get work done is by having fun in doing it. Hence, do not think twice if you have to follow your passion. Yes, money does matter but what matters more is self-satisfaction and whether at the end of the day you have given your 100% to your job, and you enjoy doing it. I am a content writer who believes in finding your passion and chasing it. There is no harm and it is never too late because you are never too old to do what you love.

“If you do not wake up in the morning excited to pick up where you left your work yesterday, you have not found your calling yet.” – A motivating quote by Mike Wallace.


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