“We believe that sport is instrumental in a child’s personal and social development” Round-Glass Sports | BLOG | sunSTRATEGIC

“We believe that sport is instrumental in a child’s personal and social development” Round-Glass Sports

How many times do we say? “Yaar India does not have proper sporting culture when it comes to football.” How can we not make one Ronaldo or Messi in a population of 1.2 billion? Why don’t players like Neymar and Bale come and play for a club in India or why have Sunil Chettri or Bhaichung Bhutia have been unsuccessful in their efforts to play in EPL?

These are few of the questions that every Indian youngster is poised with. These are the questions that they are looking answers for. One side of the coin is that we are not physically fit enough to compete at that level. However, if we are not that good then how Mahendra Singh Dhoni can smash the ball out of the stadium? Alternatively, how was Rahul Dravid able to bat for so long in a test match?

Sports is about physicality and endurance. Moreover, when it comes to endurance and strength, we are no less than any other nation. It is just the training, infrastructure and belief that is needed to succeed. There are various sporting academies such as RoundGlass doing their bit to help lay the footballing foundation for upcoming kids.

RoundGlass – a sports an academy based in Punjab focusses on instilling fundamental values of respect, teamwork, integrity and discipline by certified and renowned coaches. They provide world-class facilities in football and hockey from primary level. They help the children in exploring their creativity, decision-making, and helps them improve their self-confidence. With sport being a medium of communication, RoundGlass sports offers the chance to transform yourself into a sporting individual.

RoundGlass is picking young talent so as to train them from a young age and build their strength, stability, agility, and to have the correct mindset for sports. This will provide them with maximum opportunities in the sense that they will have more experience to compete against their counterparts.

Football is a team sport and every player is equally important in the game. This sport does not only require physical strength but also needs mental capability. From passing the ball to maintaining possession, from layman skills to technical understanding of the game, football requires it all.

The game of football requires all 11 players of the team to be on the same page with the same mental stability and have a strong understanding between each other. RoundGlass believes in using football as a medium and to create sense of fair play, team spirit, and camaraderie. Hence, the coaches do not teach victory at all costs but they instil team spirit in the players.