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Corporate Staff Responsiveness at sunSTRATEGIC

Mumbai rains are particularly pleasant for the ones who stay locked up indoors, enjoying their piping hot caffeinated drink, cozying up under the blanket and binge-watching a TV series or reading a book, Mumbai rains make for the best weather to enjoy quick naps.

However, the situation is completely overturned when you step outdoors. Messy, flooded and bumpy roads full of potholes and clamoring people who generate an unbearable cacophony, is a tense sight for commuters. Swamps deluged with mud are efficient enough to make sure that there is no space for pedestrians to walk on the road and the by-standers can enjoy a non-seasonal Holi with the dirty, mushy water from the puddles splattered onto them by the rash automobiles that are in a rush to get to their destinations after being fixated for hours in traffic jams at practically every traffic signal. This light-heartedly described scene is a euphemistic way to showcase the horrendous situation that transpires, which in the past has had the power to take away several lives, be it during the floods of 25th July, 2005 or more recently, during the severe downpour of 20th September, 2017.

Corporate Staff Responsiveness at sunSTRATEGIC
People get drenched in waves during high tide in the Arabian Sea in Mumbai, India, Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017. The weather office has issued a rain and thundershower warning for Mumbai and suburbs beginning Monday night in view of Cyclone Ockhi. (AP Photo/Rajanish Kakade)


On 5th December, 2017, the city is kissed an unusual but not-so-shocking morning after the surprising showers and thunders that greeted the preceding evening. The December day reminds us of a leaf straight out of the July-August calendar diary of Mumbai.

However, this was not just another regular unusual day. Christmas festivities seeing the downpours of the day is not at all normal. It is the well-organized meteorological department’s forecast that is coming to play, the warning of a natural calamity, a cyclone named ‘Ockhi’, is advancing towards Lakshwadeep islands, located in the south of the peninsula.

Corporate Staff Responsiveness at sunSTRATEGIC

It was only prudent to not leave the house if not for any emergency. Now is the time the corporate houses bring their perceptiveness to fore and ensure utmost #SafetyOfStaff. Show that the safety, health and security of the employees is of utmost importance by giving the day as off or a work-from-home leeway. Organizations must demonstrate humanity and reflect their concern about the workforce that puts in their blood, sweat and tears to serve the organization. It is only fair that the corporates recognize and truly acknowledge the sacrifices and efforts of their stakeholders and hence reciprocate the due by exercising #CSR – #CorporateStaffResponsiveness. These qualities are peculiar to our organization, sunSTRATEGIC. Our workforce is everything for us. We genuinely believe in No workforce = No organization. These are the rudimentary values and ground rules that lay the concrete foundation of the agency.