Unpaid internships are a source of constant debate in the world of corporates. On one side of the coin, these platforms allow inexperienced professionals to gain experience. On the other, it is easy to exploit them for gluttonous companies who are looking for free labor. The benefit of an internship has more to do with one’s ambitions and the nature of the work they are assigned to do rather than if it is paid or unpaid. But still, unpaid internships can create complications when the position is in a different city or when the person is in the need of money even for that period.

Unpaid internships become a feasible option for employers as for many students, they are the only positions they can get before they graduate. Notably, paid internships are rare in fields like art, entertainment, fashion, and journalism and for most students getting an internship is the only door opening that they can take to get into the industry. However, there are a lot of cons to unpaid internships. Firstly, it is that they are unpaid. Though it is not as bad if you can stay at home or if you are only working part-time. But if you do not have any savings in the bank and there is no other way you can find to finance this period, you might even have to take a credit card debt to finance your internship.

Most inexperienced professionals cannot afford unpaid internships but those who can, have a greater plethora of work that they can explore before they eventually set foot in the industry to have a career they are interested in. They can be a source of incredible value and may even help one land a job in the future.