We all are fond of watching movies in different regional languages. We are looking for movie suggestions with a unique storyline, great acting, and a fantastic plot because of the lockdown. Where every industry is trying to make some memorable stories, Marathi movies have also significantly progressed. It is a disgrace that Marathi films don’t get enough exposure that affects their reach. 

Apart from the reach, Marathi movies are taking baby steps towards success. Here are some best movies that you should watch:

  1. Court 
    The story revolves around a folk singer’s life, who gets arrested because of a sewage worker’s suicide. A great plot and commendable acting make this movie a blockbuster.
  2. Killa
    This movie is the life journey of a boy struggling to cope with his father’s death. It also reveals how the boy adjusts to a new village and school with his mother in a male-centric society. It is an emotional and heart-touching story that is worth watching.
  3. Sairat
    A love story is about a lower caste boy and an upper-caste girl and how they elope and live together by leaving their families. The story is very catchy, and the songs are memorable, which keeps the audience engaged throughout the movie.
  4. Deool
    This movie is based on the superstitions of the villagers. Keshya is a young man who dreams about Lord Dattatreya and tells all the villagers about it. Soon the politician and media create a massive circus about the whole situation. A perfect movie that tells you about villagers’ lives and how a politician takes advantage of their beliefs.
  5. Me Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy
    It is a typical Marathi movie that focuses on the real sentiments of a Marathis. The protagonists feel that Maharashtra is not alive in Mumbai and gets very irritated, so he provokes everyone with Shivaji Maharaja’s spirit. 

These are some masterpieces that everyone should watch and appreciate the artists’ work—perfect movies to watch with the family with a unique storyline and applaudable acting.