India is the land of superstitions. It is considered a widespread problem in India. Superstitions refer to excessive belief in supernatural powers and magic that are primarily linked with good or bad luck. The main reason for believing in such superstitions is that people the literacy rate is not high in India. Whereas many educated people also believe in good and bad lucks. 

Believing in superstitions also depends on culture, perception, knowledge, values, and traditions. This belief continues because the priests manipulate the family to invest in some prayers that will bring good luck to their family. 

There are numerous common superstitions that everyone is following blindly without knowing the actual reason behind them:

  • The most common belief is that you should not cut your nails after sunset because it will invite bad luck. But the truth is, earlier, our ancestors did not have electricity, so they used to cut their nails in the day time.
  • Another common belief is that you should not stand near a peepal tree at night because of ghosts, but scientifically the tree releases carbon-di-oxide at night, which is not suitable for your health. That’s why you should stand near a peepal tree at night.
  • Many people take a bath when they come from a funeral to protect themselves from evil spirits. If any family member has died, one should cook till kriya because it is considered harmful and believe there is a spirit in the house and consider it a sin.
  • Again, you should not sweep the floor in the evening because they believe that goddess Lakshmi will walk out of the house. But, the older generation used to think that they will sweep away something important at night.

People need to know the actual truth and logic behind everything they follow, even the things that are related to a god. The bad luck and good luck depends on your work and how you behave to other people. It has nothing to do with this supernatural magic. Gain knowledge and information, and then believe in anything that you come across.