Brands That Broke The Mold

Below is a list of brands that broke the mold-

  1. Purple
    The brothers behind the mattress brand, Terry and Tony Pearce, took on the industry and turned it upside down with a high-tech mattress designed to offer the greatest spinal support at a cost that can be afforded by anyone. While the mattress itself is disruptive enough, for this company, it is the business model that could really blow you away. Purple uses a direct-to-consumer model rather than licensing to retail stores, which means customers can avoid mark-ups from distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. Furthermore, before calling for a refund, you can try the mattress for up to 100 nights.
  2. Tesla
    This is a business that brings the drive to another stage for next-level technology and sustainability. Not only is Tesla possibly the world’s most exemplary electric car maker, but they are literally sending them into space, they are challenging the limits of what cars can do.
  3. Uber
    Uber wanted to make its mark by making travel more affordable. You can now get a car delivered to you with the click of a button, and generally, pay a lot less for your ride than you would for a regular taxi. Uber has called for the growth of the service sector, allowing individuals to choose whether to become a driver or a passenger depending on their individual needs. You can get something cheaper, faster, and more modern if you’re only looking for a trip. If you need some extra money, then you can make an additional income with your own vehicle. It is transport re-defined.
  4. Amazon
    The name of this business is more meaningful than you would expect. Jeff Bezos was hoping it would come first in a search list when Bezos selected it, as the algorithms were based on the alphabet back then. Moreover, he wanted the store to sell items from any and every niche, all over the world, he also liked the fact that it had both an ‘A’ and a ‘Z’. Amazon is one of the most revolutionary brands, being the very first organization to interrupt the way we purchase goods online. Today, from aspirin to groceries and lawnmowers, it has officially become the one-stop store for everything you need.
  5. Google
    It was initially just a search engine that made it easier for individuals around the world to find the information they wanted about pressing issues. Today, you simply “Google it” if you want to find the answer to a question. Google is something more than just a search engine, of course. Over the years, emerging innovations, such as smartphones, virtual assistants, and more have continued to change the world. Google is now offering IT experts access to open-standard technologies in the developer space that they can use to build their own machine-learning-powered applications.