Food is something that instantly makes one happy. It will improve a sad mood and will bring a bright smile onto a dull face. A good meal makes a lot of difference in the way one feels, but the same food may end up becoming a curse while you are on a diet. You might miss all the junk, but you have to avoid it as it isn’t going to do you any good while you are on a strict workout routine. But what about the cravings? You may be able to control the hunger, but will you be able to control the craving? It is really difficult to control craving which is why there is no harm in cheating once a week in your workout routine, as it not only will satiate your taste buds but is also good for your weight loss. Let’s understand this better.

It is natural for a person to find it hard to stick to a strict diet and a tough workout regime. You may be able to carry it on for weekdays, but weekends prove to be a problem. Weekends may weaken your will, but there are ways in which you can satisfy your taste buds as well as be true to your diet. Instead of having a cheat day, have a cheat meal as you will be able to relish your favorite food without compromising too much on your diet and the workout plan. 

According to studies, cheat meals increase the production of leptin that results in boosting your metabolic rate. So, enjoy your meal guilt-free and indulge in eating whatever makes you happy. Diet is not something that you can follow for your entire life, hence the body needs to be used to some regular meals. If you follow an extreme diet, then the glycogen stored in the muscles becomes limited. This can cause fatigue, and also may affect your workout. 

Everything is mentally connected which is why mental peace is very important. If you have a cheat meal once in a while, it will become easier for you to stay true to your diet and workout regime as it will satisfy your cravings. There is nothing wrong with loosening up your diet once in a while, without going overboard. It is easy to get carried away and overeat, but those 2 minutes of happiness will ruin all your diet plans. Knowing when to stop is essential, and if you do end up overeating, burn those calories the next day to balance it all off. 

Lastly, never diet or follow a workout regime just to lose weight and become lean or thin. Eating healthy and working out is essential for a fit body and to avoid getting any health issues in the future, not for a skinny looking body. We have set unrealistic beauty standards and we tend to follow them blindly. It’s high time we break those and learn to accept real beauty and real bodies.