Art means different things to different people. For some, it is a way of expressing themselves, while for others, it might just be a hobby. But one thing that strikes out is that art only lies where there is pure passion. Art has seen a lot of changes through decades and evolved over the years. Art has been in existence for as long as humans, just that the style and method of projecting it has evolved. Let’s get to know more about the different styles of art that we have witnessed through the years. 

Starting with the stone age, it was the era of cave paintings and structures. We all have seen stunning paintings and scriptures in the older temples that are the perfect example of stone age art, as they used to carve on stones and paint using natural colors. Unfortunately, a lot of such paintings did not sustain and have faded over the years. 

Then we move on to the Mesopotamian era, which included a lot of structures and written scriptures as writing was just invented during this period. Then we move on to the ancient civilization art that includes Egypt, which built tombs and decorated them with bright and colorful pictures of gods, and Aegean art that focused on airy agriculture as well as marble art. 

 Fast forward to the middle age, we saw a slight change in art as it became grittier and darker with the rise in structures like Notre Dame, which highly reflected the religious perspective of that time. Moving on to Christian art that depicted sacred themes, and imagery that was all inspired by Christianity. This period also witnessed the birth of Islamic art that we can see in the form of the structure of Alhambra. 

Then we came across the era of Renaissance which means “Rebirth” and it was also in a way rebirth of art. We witnessed artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Donatello during this era and came across some of the most magnetic pieces of art. Moving forward with Baroque, we witnessed an extremely religious era that was highly reflected in its paintings and sculptures. The art was intricate and intense, a perfect example being the Palace of Versailles.

Then we came across Romanticism and Realism that focussed more on depicting a real and grounded emotion through their art instead of exaggerating it with the drama. The art during this time was subtle and the lives of common people were depicted stunningly through it. This was the era when we got to see the magical work of artists like Courbet and Millet.

Art continued to grow and evolve time and again, and we have some of the most incredible talents that showcase reality through the medium of art. This gradual but definite change can be witnessed through the thought process and the types of equipment used. Art gives people the freedom to express themselves and raise a voice without actually saying a word. All this emotion can be seen through paintings and sculptures over decades.