TV is that one medium that has stayed with us for years now. We have been watching TV since we were little kids and even today, we don’t seem to get enough of it. TV has given us some of the best shows that we binge on even today. These shows are versatile and people are highly influenced by them. TV shows are so popular that the audiences tend to copy whatever they show, be it fashion or the language. We learn different life hacks from the shows as well. They essentially teach us how to live life and how to deal with different situations. 

Here are some of the TV shows that inspired and influenced us:


This classic TV series is very popular among the youth. Millions of people are inspired by it and binge it to their heart’s content. Friends is one show that gave us memories to cherish. But most importantly, it taught us the value of having a close-knit group and showed us how friends always have your back no matter what. It showed a twisted relationship with friends and how one can manage that effortlessly. 


Every 90s kid has watched this show at least once in their lives. We always wanted to be like Raven, didn’t we? This show taught us what being sassy and funny meant. That’s So Raven taught us how to shut down trolls way before the trend was popular. The show showed Raven shutting down people who body-shamed her or made racist comments on her with utmost sass and confidence. 


Though this show was dark and contained a lot of adultery, it taught us about dysfunctional families and the complications that come with it. This show proved that nobody is perfect and we have to accept all our flaws. It also showed that the hunger for winning outruns all. 

These are some of the shows that taught us about love, life, and everything beyond.