We always associate a sound with a person, don’t we? The same applies to brands. While promoting or advertising themselves, brands make use of a certain tone. This tone expresses the thoughts and ideologies of the brand. A tone delivers the right kind of message to the audiences and brands benefit from it. 

When a brand finds the correct voice, it sticks with it as it benefits them and leads to increased engagement. Over a period of time, the brand is recognized by this voice itself. Hence, brands make it a point to use the same tone for years. 

Here are some brands that found the correct voice and stuck with it:


Gillette is a brand that is very male-dominated and sells grooming products for men. Through the years, Gillette has used a macho and sexy tone in its advertisements and campaigns. This was mainly done to attract men and make them relate to the product. Their tagline, “the best a man can” remains the same even after so many years. 


This is another brand that had found its tone years ago and has decided to stick with it ever since. Essentially made for kids, this brand provides a fun, peppy, and enthusiastic tone. This tone resonated with the kids as well as adults. This tone created an impact on people and has benefitted McDonald’s extensively. 


Coca-Cola has had a very different approach. They have used a very positive and friendly tone in their advertisements. Coca-Cola shows the happy aspects of life with a positive tone and has stuck with it for a long time now. Millennials have effectively related to the brand because of its positive tone. 


Old Spice was a classy brand that oozed machoism. The tone that they used was very different from their image but worked wonders. Their voice was humorous and outrightly funny. Along with being funny, Old spice maintained the masculinity part of their brand.