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Can’t spell HERO without HR

“The hardest challenge being an HR is that sometimes you have to be the LAWYER, the JUDGE and the HANGMAN.”

? Hassan Choughari

Human resource is one of the most under-recognised and, yet the most used part of any organisation. It’s the pillar on which the workface of any organisation, business sector or economy is based. The human resource department is the HERO of any organisation. If various officials carry on individual tasks of an organisation, then the human resource department is one which is privy to all, and has the responsibility to see to their well-functioning. It sees to the compliance with the laws, employment standards, employee benefits, and some aspects of recruitment processes and dismissal as well.

Here’s how the HR is inherent to being the HERO of an organisation:

  1. A Kickass Organisation Culture
    The HR of a company is responsible for the work culture that permeates in that organisation. If walking in through an organisation has you gaping at the chill life that exists there, where employees engage in banter and informal talks while still getting their work done way before time, well, you’ve the HR to thank for this.
  2. Salaries, paperwork and other shenanigans
    The HR ensures that all the shenanigans which accompany any job, are kept up-to-date while the rest of us absolved of any paperwork can work with single-minded dedication on our jobs, seeing them till the completion.
  3. The hello and the goodbye
    The HR is the first friendly face you see, as you walk in for an interview, hyperventilating and nervous. The HR is also the one who conducts the last interview, as you leave an organisation.
  4. Growth
    The HR ensures that the growth of the employee is maintained, from their due promotions to their right fit in the correct department. He sees to the alignment of the individual’s goals with the organisational goals, thus playing a pivotal role in an individual’s life as well as an organisation culture.
  5. Inter-department disputes
    A dispute within two departments can’t culminate in an epic battle of the Iron throne in the middle of the dept. The inter-dept battle is handled by the HR department with diplomacy and poise. Were it left to the employees, there would be bloodshed before the end of the day!

At SunSTRATEGIC, we proudly boast of an HR like this, amidst other commendable assets to the sunSTARTEGIC team – The ‘Sun SUPERSTARS’. At sunSTRATEGIC, our vision is to change the way the world sees you by changing the way your company innovates. Change leads to a happier and enriched life. Our solutions provide the link between Customer Engagement, Productivity, Customer Satisfaction and Shareholder return. We Innovate and Transform your digital brand value by representing your brand in all its glory.


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