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Shit People Do on Facebook

#Facebook, as we all know, is a free social networking website which let’s anybody and everybody create their own personal profile through which one can communicate to their friends and family members, online. The prime aim of Facebook is to let people stay connected to their old or distant friends but some oversmart people use Facebook for these weird and annoying reasons:   

    1. Check ins
      Oh! So, you’re having caviar at Taj Lands End with Pinky chachi at 8:45pm? Good for you! Could you also post a picture of your bill after you’re done? NOT. Thanks.
    2. Poke wars
      Does anybody really know what a #poke means? Is it a hi-I-exist gesture or a how-you-doin’ one? Or is it really just supposed to be ticklish? The only thing we know for sure is that it’s definitely damn annoying.
    3. Type AMEN or you’ll die
      Or the posts which say like and share this picture of a little girl suffering from cancer to save her. We’re sure our likes are going to enter her body and fight the cancer cells! Who needs doctors now? People who share such posts do.
    4. Relationship status’
      We definitely don’t want to know who you’re dating and how many times you guys broke-up in the past week. Don’t spam the feed, please.
    5. Mah lyf mah rulezz
      We all went to school for a reason and srsly fcked up spelling mistakez r nt “kewl”.
    6. ‘I’m so depressed in life’
      And some attention on facebook from your equally jobless friends would totally cheer you up, right? Let’s use inbox for that matter, okay?
    7. Getting tagged in random pictures
      So, you’ve posted a picture of a waterfall and tagged 20 of your friends although none of them can actually be seen in the picture. Either your friends are somewhere drowning in the waterfall or you’re clearly a retard.
    8. ‘You’re looking so sweet dear’
      So how does one look ‘sweet’? Are they made of sugar or do they have chocolate sauce all over their face? Also, when you’re older relatives and family friends start commenting on every picture you post. Thanks but no thanks.
    9. Wishing your grandpa a very happy birthday on Facebook Although, he doesn’t use Facebook. REALLY?
    10. Keeping display pictures of actors
      Profile pictures are meant to show what YOU look like and not what you wish to look like, you know? So, let’s keep it real, share good thoughts and seriously, we don’t need the details! Lastly, we lauv shoshal media and thank you Facebook, for keeping us in bizness.

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