Charity is something that one does from their heart and soul to make a major difference in someone’s life. Maybe that someone is the person doing the charity. If you didn’t know this already, donating money to non-profit organizations is beneficial for both the people as well as the one making the charity. But how does this work? Let’s dive deeper to understand this in detail.

Donating money to charity is something that a lot of people have been doing for a long period of time to get away with paying minimum taxes. It is not a small amount, instead according to the tax law, the taxation deduction can deduct up to 60%, which earlier was 50%. According to Featheringill, the national head of legacy and wealth planning at Abbot Downing in Winston-Salem, the rich have been taking quite an advantage of this law, and getting away with paying minimum taxes. There are some rules that must be followed too.

Keeping hang of all the receipts of donations is something that one must specially look out for as it is necessary in terms of proof. The receipts must be valid with the organization’s name on it, so that no fraud can be practiced. It is easy to get a recipe, as most charities are completing fine with giving it to you in return of the donation you made. 

Another thing that is important to know is that in case one gets a house or any assets from their family as inherited property, then they can donate it too as it is deductible. It counts and will help in tax deduction as well. Again, make sure to collect the receipt and it will make a whole lot of difference. 

Donating in a proper and eligible entity is also very important, as donating to a random organization will not cut-you any tax deduction. If a donation is made to any random individual, it will not count as one needs to show a proper recipe to get the advantage of tax deduction. 

Donate assets that can be appreciated such as stocks and bonds. The reason is because, these assets have a higher value in the market and will also serve to one’s advantage. It will cut you a higher slack in terms of tax and also works well for the charitable organization. 

Since it is charity at the end of the day, make sure to give it to a trusty organization that actually work for the betterment of people. It is not always about profit, since a lot of organizations genuinely try and work for the betterment of people, so make sure that your donation is put to good use.