Conflict is not an unknown phenomenon. It is a very common thing that can arise, at any point and among any group of people. This is especially possible in work setting where people often have passionate views and are thinking of ways to reach the goal as efficiently as possible. There is also a factor of being blamed for things and having to take their responsibility that can often give rise to conflicts among workers. While some conflicts stem from professional decisions or opinions, personal prejudice and vendetta can play a part in it too, especially if a person has been holding back on expressing their view. 

In the workplace, conflict can cause a huge amount of frustration, pain, awkwardness, as well as anger. Conflicts are inevitable in a person’s day-to-day life and in a workplace especially since people of different backgrounds and upbringing come together. The best way to deal with workplace conflicts is through open and transparent communication as soon as a problem has been acknowledged. The goal should be to find a solution that satisfies both parties and does not suppress the problem. 

Firstly the problem needs to be acknowledged to even start, then once that has been solved people should find the source of the problem and how it came to be. Both parties then need to rationally talk it out without blocking each other’s view but respectfully listening to the other’s point of view. They should discuss theist way to combat this crisis and move towards their shared professional goal. If neither of the parties are ready to adjust and give up on their claims, they should do their best to meet each other halfway. One single conflict can throw a group off of its equilibrium and cause stress to a whole lot of people and hinder smooth working. 

Not all conflicts are negative though, some healthy competition should stay in a company so that the employees try to work better than the other.