Here are some qualities we think every entity must imbibe in their corporate culture to lay basis of a strong ethos, vision and mission statement for the organization which will go a long way. It will speak highly of its values not only to outsiders but to reflect the lofty ideals to the employees that will give them a sense of purpose and direction. It also assists the management to pick the right path when stuck in ethical dilemmas.

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It’s important to stay detail oriented with every project one handles. It portrays the level of perfection, sincerity and devotion to the project. It shows the degree of passion and diligence we have for our work, which is career-defining at most times. It shows that this is not a reckless outlook that we harbour but it is serious business for us, we are not careless in our approach and do value our clients highly. For us, the customer is sovereign, the king. High degree of customer satisfaction and loyalty is our motto. Those who have their focus right, do hit the bull’s eye and get it right.

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What is life without hustle? It is extremely important to keep pushing our limits and boundaries to reach beyond our existing working capacity, to utilize our potential to the fullest, which is achieved only through persistence and stretching yourself to do it. Infusing a go-getter attitude in your job to work so that even when your body gives up, your mind will not. To achieve more than we thought it was possible for us to. At sunSTRATEGIC, we believe it is important to build social listening into our Digital PR services through Online Reputation and Social Media Listening. We hustle through online communities and bring in authentic followers for our client’s brand.

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Humility is a trait of the kind and successful. It is a quality one needs to be armed with, worn as an armor as it shows how grateful you to everyone around you and the universe in general for bestowing you with all the luxuries and facilities you enjoy. Being empathetic towards others is not a weakness but emerges as your strength. Nobody likes to associate with non-cooperative individuals who throw tantrums, exude discourteous behavior and pass uncharitable remarks. Snobbish and impolite management in an organisation mean juniors are stifled and resentful with the leadership they are under, causing a negative, autocratic, stagnant work culture. Working together on a daily basis requires each individual to let the greater good of the team’s work surface above our own egos.

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Build, as basic as this step is, is as important to have a strong foundation laid for the business. Concrete grounds mean you are secured for a good start when meticulously sketched and nicely thought-out to be equipped to combat hindrances, debug and troubleshoot the teething problems a new entity initially faces. A good foundation does not ensure a robust building but a weak foundation will definitely end up with a weak construction. Deficient inputs and materials give away after sometime but top-notch material lasts a lifetime. Work well begun is work half done. Once the foundation is set, topping it with blocks over is extremely simple with a deftly charted out plan. Implementation and execution is a fairly simple but a pivotal task then.

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All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Having stated and affirmed the above principles, if there is no room to breathe, stimulating good productivity and creativity gets difficult under constant stress. The way a cheat-day a week is important for you to ensure you follow your strict diet rest days of the week, a Sunday is required for a breather, to engage in one’s interests and socializing activities for one to come re-energized and refreshed for the coming week.

At sunSTRATEGIC, we beat the #MondayBlues through #MusicMondays, #TransformationTuesday, #WellnessWednesday, #ThursdayFunday, #FabulousFriday and #SaturdaySwag.

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It is nature’s rule that change is the only constant, anyone who tries to override it or go against the tide is to inevitably be met with a setback. Being adaptable, hence changing to the customer’s ever changing needs is the only way to have an edge over your competition. You are serving the customers what they want before anyone else, hence building brand loyalty. One must realize that he needs to change his outlook to orchestrate what the brand wants as opposed what he wants to supply. Those who are flexible to the dynamic and complex environmental changes vis-à-vis technology, politics, legal system, demographic structure, global issues and ecological changes, will sustain and survive for eternity.

These form part of the core values of the sunSTRATEGIC culture and we highly recommend everyone to imbibe these elements in one way or other in their business ethos!


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