Plastic: Reuse or Refuse

“If we cannot reuse it, we should refuse it”


God is omnipresent, so is plastic.

Mother Earth is on an all-time low due to our selfish nature. It is regularly vying with the cosmic nature to keep us safe. While she is constantly striving to provide us the best, we have deteriorated it to such an extent that the chances of revival are pretty bleak. It’s time we right our wrongs and we confront our mistakes to achieve future prosperity, peace, and well-being for all.

“Beat Plastic Pollution” is the theme for World Environment Day 2018 and it urges every citizen to come together and explore sustainable alternatives. The global move is to immediately stop the production of single-use, non-degradable plastic items that are threatening our eco-system and are harmful to the human health. We should keep in mind that the concept of class, caste, race, religion, cities, countries, they all cease to exist if the planet dies (which it will, but let’s not speed up the process). The whole agenda is to promote an understanding that communities are pivotal in changing attitudes towards environmental issues.

With an aim to spread awareness on environment issues and a responsibility towards it as a citizen, the team of sunSTRATEGIC is doing its best to contribute their part in preserving the nature. We as a team has taken preliminary measures such as replacing our plastic water-bottles with glass counterparts and reusing our plastic bags for as long as possible. Encouraging the more usage of paper / cloth bags, saving electricity everywhere possible, usage of water as per the required need, using public transport, carpooling whenever necessary, walking the short distances and to the very basics of not littering.

Imbibing the moral responsibilities of an eco-friendly environment, my team and myself at sunSTRATEGIC pledge to take further more necessary measures to reduce our plastic footprint. I intend to reduce as much plastic as I can in my office and on a personal level.  We are and we will continue doing our bit for the environment and thereby saving trees, water and reducing the emissions of toxins in the air in all the possible ways.

Across the world, people buy one million plastic bottles every minute. That probably means by the time you finish reading this article, two million people will end up buying this much plastic. Every minute, we are letting our world sink deeper in the pit of a plastic ‘Ragnarok’. It is time that we join hands together and work towards a plastic-free future. We should keep in mind that if we cannot reuse it, we should refuse it.

We urge to every personage to minimize – or if possible – stop the use of plastics. I believe that it takes a thousand small steps to lead phenomenal revolutions. Our fight against plastic products is not an easy one, given that feasible alternatives are yet to be commercially available. To make this initiative a global success, let us all come together and give a gift of a lifetime to our next generation.


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