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How to execute the right way?

Recently a few of us at sunSTRATEGIC were given a job to promote and hype a fashion show that is to be held next month. The task wasn’t an easy one, but we decided to take on the challenge. We did have a lot of plans and ideas in our mind, but its execution seemed exigent. We believe that the execution part is the most challenging one. There can be hundreds of genius ideas, but without bona fide planning and execution strategy, the idea is worth nothing.

As famously said, ‘Vision without action is a daydream’. Right execution needs to be put. Otherwise, the actuality or the essence of the idea is lost.

A few steps that we followed to get things executed the way we wanted:

  1. Prioritize:
    Prioritize your planning’s of what and how you want the thing to be. To form a proper priority list of executions is the way to go. Without any planning of what to convey, things might be mistaken or misunderstood.
    What we did here was to jot down all our ideas and what we want to convey through it. Once we were sure that our idea was rightly being presented, we decided to execute it.
  2. Analyze:
    Before putting things into action, it is important to work through the entire process. Make sure to analyse every aspect. Researching and analysing everything about the ideas and plans results into better execution. We as a team worked at things separately and studied deeply about everything that can be done and can happen at the fashion show. Things might seem perfect from your perspective but to analyse its executive outcome is a must.
  3. Evaluate Strategy:
    Before the final execution takes place, financial evaluation is a must. In our case, the client conducting the fashion show had their reputation on edge. We could not leave a single loop-hole in the execution of our plans. We evaluated every aspect of the plan before we could pitch it to the clients for its execution.

We solely believe that the execution part takes up a lot of effort. What one might want to showcase might not always be presented in the same way it was imagined. This is why execution strategy is important. And that is what we tried to follow. We pitched in many ideas and then worked on their execution. Any idea is just a plain thought until the time it is properly framed and tamed.

Our way of executing is working on our ideas in the best way we can. Giving our hearts and minds in executing thing and framing them accordingly. And by following the execution ideas we do, it’s a true thing that our executions would be effective.

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