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Politics and Branding!

As extravagant and dramatic as the election campaigns can be, they sure do enlighten everyone with some marketing and branding strategies. Whether it be luring your audience with some exaggerated promises or maintaining your image in public, there are various uncanny similarities between brand marketing and our political campaigns. Let’s break few of these similitudes!


  1. Audience is god!

The entire game is in the hands of your audience or your followers. If they like your policies and what you’re offering them, they will accept a wooden nickel. But if they find loopholes or lose interest, your brand image is ruined.

Audience is god! | Blog

  1. Never undermine competition!

Well, as we all have an unerring recollection of the Delhi state elections, 2013; we sure learned that everyone could find an audience. Never underestimate your competition. He might swipe away all the business with his broom 😛

But on a serious note, knowing your competition is a must. Don’t be on a fluke that your product is the best. Always know what you’re wrangling with.

Never undermine competition! | Blog

  1. Go all extra!

‘Jo dikhta hai, woh bikta hai.’ With that saying in mind, do not hesitate from going all out of the box and doing something too extra to please your audience. Know what would attract them. Be it reaching out to them with magnified promises or by professing to understand their problems. Give them what they want, and that gets you what you want, support.

Go all extra! | Blog

  1. Sway them with killer slogans!

What if people have a problem with remembering your brand? Feed them with a slogan or tagline that gets stuck in their head, and they never forget it again. The 1970’s elections witnessed something like ‘Indira Lao, Desh Bachao’, which got pinned onto everyone’s mouth and brain. Similar happened with Modi’s campaign song during Prime Minister elections. ‘Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas’ and ‘Acche din’ legit got stuck in everyone’s mind.

Sway them with killer slogans! | BlogSway them with killer slogans! | Blog

  1. Apologize!!!

There’s no point creating conjecture over something that can be let gone. If you want your brand to sustain, you should know when to speak and when not to. Just when people were going cray-cray over the Godhra riots, Modi simply apologized for it and shut the mouth of questioners. The same was done when brand like Cadbury and Pepsi were framed. They didn’t speak much, but apologized and reassured quality.

Apologize!!! | Blog

  1. Don’t hesitate in making it big!

Most parties come from nothing and become everything. Whether it be AAP party or regional brand becoming national, our very own Narendra Modi. Promote your brand on a national level to get recognition. Conduct PR for the owner of the company. People are always fascinated by the personality of the owner and that helps development of trust and interest.

Don’t hesitate in making it big! | Blog

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