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Social Media in schools today!

Indian schools have evolved from the time of ‘Gurukula’ to the modern day schools wherein the rate of modernisation of new generations has been much faster. Since the development of mobile phones and the growth of the internet, the newer generations have had brisk change from what lifestyle was followed previously.
We have come into the modern era, where the internet has taken over anything and everything. In this expeditiously amend of times, if the schools do not modify themselves accordingly, they soon will lose their importance.
‘We don’t have a choice but to use social media, to survive in this modern world of virtual connectivity and learning.’ And with that thought, the social media today has emerged into something that is irresistible and has gulped all of us, all into it. Children, from a tender age of 12 and onwards have been immensely aware of social platforms and mostly become a part of this flock as they turn teen. Now, is this rapidly streamlining world, if something is constant and utmost is knowledge and education. But this would be long forgotten if education doesn’t reach out to students online.

Here are a few things that schools and colleges can try out:

  1. Sharing achievements and cherishing student participation:

Maintaining an online profile where achievements and glories of the students can be posted will be fruitful since the platform is large. This widely helps the school gain popularity and encourage students to do better. Also, all the people like authenticating everything before they get into it or trust anything, so online posts help both the image of the school and its students.

  1. Making activities responsive and active:

Conducting or informing about assignments and events online keep things lively and widespread. Teachers can keep a regular check on updates on the assignments they have given by connecting to the students online, after the school hours. They can help the students and keep them nimble in their work.

  1. Building parent-teacher relations:

Though parent-teacher meetings are held every few months, for some parents it can be difficult to take out time and go all the way to school. An online profile where the parents could keep a regular check on their kids and actively be in touch with the faculties will be rewarding. This helps in enhancement of their relations, which eventually helps the student.

  1. Online course curriculum in a private social network:

To keep parents and the students updated about the changing curriculum or providing updates on the examination course would be fruitful to maintain a private social network per class or so. By providing these information’s, you can keep both the students and their parents up-to-date.

  1. Using hashtags to encourage participation:

Some faculties can be specially appointed to regularly promote some campaign being organised by the school or some in-school events, using hashtags. Hashtags are a trend and could be the appropriate way to grab the attention of students and make such events riveting for them. For example: #cleaningschool or #educationfirst

  1. Distance learning programs:

Putting up study material for students who want to learn and explore more could be a way to go about spreading education. This would help education flow over the boundaries that have always hindered it.

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