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Social Image: the actual image to maintain!

In this extending world of online marketing and branding, maintaining an online image of your brand has become a necessity. Online platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram have become so powerful in the past few years that online business enhancement has become a huge thing. Every successful or up-coming brand are trying to form their image online.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain or develop your brand’s online image.

  1. Stick to a visual language:

    For your audience to recognise the brand and products easily, it is lucrative to follow a particular visual language. There always has to be a common thread in all your posts, which gives accurate recognition. This thread could be anything as simple as following a particular colour scheme or a tagline.

  1. Generate uniqueness:

    Having a different feed or voice than what is usually followed would be helpful. Try to have an eccentric identity with your feed. This can be possible by using different photo shoot styles or by following a unique theme of posts. For example The Instagram feed of Sabyasachi.

  1. Find your appropriate platform:

    Not all platforms can be fruitful for all brands. So to analyse and to understand what online platform is perfect for you, is important. Promoting your steel business on Instagram would be waste, however, promoting the same on LinkedIn would be fruitful. Choose your platform after proper scanning and understanding what would be efficient.

  1. Engage via communication:

    In order to gain the attention of your audience, it is important to be actively connected. Take their suggestions for posts, reply to their tweets or comments. Make them feel important. Once they feel that your page is constantly taking interests in the audience, it increases the heed in them too. Also, try and engage them by using constant contests and giveaways.

  1. Have a strong bio:

    Write a bio that defines you and your company. Keep it short and simple yet very specific and catchy. It should be something that people get attracted to the first time they read it. The bio should be strong enough to support your feed.

  1. Work with social media influencers:

    To up bring your brand and get more followers, it would be wise to take help from social media influencers. They already have a lot of followers and them promoting your brand or product would be beneficial and will help build some quality fan base.  Influencers are like brand endorsers for social media.

  1. Social media management team:

    Maintaining a regular posting habit and keeping up the quality of the posts can be challenging. A small team can be created to enhance your social profile which would make it easier to do online business and keep your company profile active and amusing.

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