Whether you are a diehard fan of scents or you’re new to this area, finding an ideal fragrance for yourself is always a challenging task. When you enter the fragrance section in a shopping mall, the only information that you can get about any scent that is kept on the counter is the look of the bottle, which obviously doesn’t mean mich. You can get to smell a few choices from a huge assortment available, but this also is of no help.

Since people are sentimentally attached to fragrance, and they remember others for how they smell, choosing a fragrance that resonates with your personality is quite a difficult process. You have EDT on one side and EDP on the other, and you’re standing without a single clue about which one to go for, that’s where we can help you. It’s not just about the looks of a bottle, it’s also about the type, price, scent, top notes, bottom notes, base notes, and the number of hours it can last. But first of all, understanding the difference between these well-known two basic categories is essential. Read this article to get a clear picture of these variants.

The key distinction between these two fragrances is quite simple, scientific, and straightforward. It’s all about the concentration of perfume oil as Eau de Parfum contains 15 to 20% perfume oil whereas, Eau de Toilette has 5 to 15% of fragrance oil.

Eau de Toilette

●     A well-known and commonly used variant of fragrance for years

●     Light and fresh

●     Suitable for daily use

●     Made from a light formula

●     Enjoyable for 2-3 hours ( depends on the quality and structure of the fragrance)

●     Considered as a day wear fragrance.

●     Low in price

Eau de Parfum

●     Intense, luxurious, and fuller than Eau de Toilette fragrance

●     Denser and richer

●     Long-lasting, you can enjoy it all-day

●     Considered as a nightwear fragrance

●     Relatively expensive

The main reason why the prices of these two fragrances differ a lot is that EDPs are more strong, spray it once and you’re good to go. But that’s not the case with EDT, you may need to take a couple of spritzes to get your desired scent.