In this pandemic, social media has become a boon for digital marketing. Even if the entire world is in lockdown, the virus has failed to affect the virtual world. Those who have invested and developed a presence in social media are now reaping benefits. Let’s discuss something that many of us may have thought about before but never discussed much. 

We use social media apps for conversing with colleagues or sending daily work. Now the question is, can one become informal while in a workgroup chat? The answer may vary from person to person and company to company. But this is something worth exploring. Let us consider some factors that revolve around this topic for better understanding. 

  • Getting familiar with peers

One can never understand the nature of one’s colleagues without having an informal conversation. Doing this helps one to develop an emotional connection, which can be useful. When employees are connected, it creates a sense of teamwork and works together for the company’s growth. However, there are chances some employees can distract each other from work and end up slacking off. But there is no way one shouldn’t be encouraged to discuss the work. 

  • Focus and encouragement

One can always discuss with seniors to understand complex issues. It cannot be done with a formal conversation. One has to be informal at times to understand complex issues; it will help with unwinding. Also, there are chances employees may develop a personal relationship outside the office. The thing is, one has to manage oneself as per time, place, and circumstance. If someone finds formal conversation more professional, then there is no harm in such an approach. At the same, however, the employees should be available to acclimate and learn to work as a team.