Words do hold the key to violence; that’s why many people try not to use those words that may end up hurting anyone’s sentiments. It is no secret that we live in a world that even the slightest poor choice of words can cause riots if you happen to be an influential personality. The problem also comes because we are now equipped with social media; our words can go viral in a few hours. 

Since people have become quite sensitive, they fear that many sensitive minds will get hurt if they say something offensive. However, things have become uglier these days. The entire global politics have been so heated that one negative comment on social media can cause havoc in society. 

Therefore, you will notice some people have become quite conscious of their word choice. They often use the term “no offense” before saying something desirable. The question may arise, is using this term “no offensive” really mean anything? Or is it just a way to get past offensive statements without being accountable for them?

  • Shallow sensitivity

The moment someone uses “no offense,” it means the statement will hurt the person it is directed at. There is no point in using apologetic words if your words hurt. All you can do is try to be direct and honest instead of sugarcoating words. 

  • Hard-hitting truth

The entire super sensitive culture has given rise to cancel culture or banning those whose speech may contain the world’s hard reality. It is hard to judge which speech can be considered free speech and which one is hate speech. It is also the truth that people canceled someone just for banning them from saying something that can sunder political propaganda. One has to come up with a solution, or else things will keep getting complicated.