If you try to find out the purpose of education, you will know that it means bringing out values among the students. Now the thing is, many people have different opinions when it comes to punishing the students for their mistakes. Some people think that punishment creates a negative impact on the minds of kids. Some people believe that if students are not punished for their unruly behavior, they will never have discipline in their lives or learn from their mistakes. There is no doubt that this topic is quite controversial, and it cannot be explained in a black or white perspective because you will come across many instances when detention went too far and hurt the student. But we will also come across examples of how misbehaving of a student leads to an unwanted situation.

Let us consider the negative and positive sides of detention.

  • The positive side

It is said that we learn from our mistakes if there is no punishment for mistakes. How come the students will learn from the mistakes? Moreover, it is not about punishing them but preparing them from the harsh reality of the world they will face once they complete their education. 

  • The negative side

Sometimes some punishment can be so severe that it can harm the student mentally and physically. You will come across news about how a teacher ends up taking a student’s life by punishing him or her seriously. So there has to be a line when it comes to punishment. 

So, it is hard to decide if the detention is a good thing or not. One doesn’t have to be so soft-hearted on students that they will end up behaving rudely with their superiors, and one doesn’t have to be so harsh on them that they will be hurt emotionally for the rest of their life.