Of all the entertainment in this world, music is one of the most important factors we derive our pleasure from. We may consider music is all about a singer singing a song, and that’s that, but many things go into an album that we may not be aware of. Whether it is production or songwriting, an artist has a lot to do with the entire process. The success of an album also depends upon a lot of things. One of the most important factors is promotion, but not many people talk about one factor that also affects listeners’ perception of the album; it is the album cover. 

You will come across many albums that are known for their iconic album cover. For example, the album covers of Abbey Road and Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts Clubs Band by The Beatles are considered classics. These two albums are still known for their iconic album covers, and many other artists have tried to imitate this.

A question remains that should an artist put much interest in the album cover or the music? The answer is not a one-way street or black or white. The music can help you sell copies of your album. But if the album cover is not attractive, it will not grab new listeners’ attention to your work. It is also important to understand that album covers are not just artwork, but it leaves a legacy on the listeners and the culture in general.

For example, the crosswalk of Abbey Road is still visited by many people around the world. Many artists have tried to imitate famous albums’ artwork into their work, which has become legendary in their own rights. The bottom line is one has to come up with unique ways to sell their products.